TBR Tyres

Wholesale truck tyres! Technical advantages of Hanksugi TBR tyres are as following:

1. Enhanced even wear, longer tyre life, increased retreadability, improved comfort and safety, better steering precision

2. For external layer, higher mileage, excellent grip on dry and wet condition, excellent resistance to low temperature, extended casing life, enhanced fatigue resistance, oxidation prevention, better handling, lower rolling resistance (fuel saving), superior thermal stability. 

3. For internal layer: reduced heat generation during operation, lower rolling resistance (fuel saving), higher structural integrity and tyre life. 

Hanksugi is a best tyre manufacturer, whose TBR tyres is a pioneer of saving fuel. We use environmental friendly raw materials, innovative products design and advanced technology. The whole process produces less emission, little dusk, low noise and consumes less energy.  The products are nontoxic, safe, fuel-saving, low noise, anti-slip, can be retreaded, and comply with EU REACH standards. Hanksugi tyres have better performance of low rolling resistance, thus decreasing energy consumption, saving fuel and lowering exhaust emissions. Hanksugi tyres can save 5% fuel consumption on average. At Hanksugi, investment in technology and high performance go together. We have the best machinery with advanced technologies, raw materials, and the most sophisticated manufacturing processes to deliver you the finest and most performing tyres. 

Hanksugi will apply all or part of the above technologies on each series product depending on different sizes & application. Our tyres achieved ISO 9001 and IATF16949 quality management system certification, GB/T24001 environmental certification, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety certification; obtained the national compulsory 3Ccerlification and U.S. DOT certification, the United States SMART WAY certification, EU ECE certification, EU environmental and noise certification. We own import and export right of the  products.

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