How to Maintain Car Tires?

March 04, 2024
  1. 1.Ensure correct tire pressure: The tire pressure standards for front, rear, and spare tires may vary between different vehicles. The standard tire pressure data provided by the car manufacturer is usually posted on the door pillar or other parts of the vehicle. If the tire pressure is increased by 25%, the tire life will be shortened by about 30%.

2.Visual inspection of tires: Regularly check for bulges, cracks, cuts, nails, and abnormal wear on the tires. Pay special attention to the wear condition of the tire tread and tire edges. Abnormal wear is often caused by improper alignment or incorrect tire pressure.

3.Keep the tire surface clean: Keeping the tire surface clean is one of the important factors in prolonging tire life. Especially before and after driving in winter, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the tires. Before driving, check if the tire tread is covered with ice and snow. If the ice and snow in the tire tread is very hard, do not forcibly pry it out, and do not pour boiling water on the tire. Instead, use room temperature water to pour on the tire and clean it thoroughly. Also, check for foreign objects such as stones, iron blocks, nails, etc., inside the tread, especially for new tires, and clear them in time.

4.Tire alignment and balancing: If uneven tire wear or excessive vehicle vibration is observed, it may be caused by improper alignment or imbalance. These conditions not only shorten the 

tire's service life but also affect the vehicle's handling performance. Immediately visit a maintenance station for inspection and perform four-wheel alignment or tire balancing based on the inspection results.

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