SIX Reasons to How the Uneven Car Tread Wear Happens? | Hanksugi

March 12, 2024

Hanksugi which has been in business for more than 20 years find that the real culprit of serious tire wear is actually very easy to find that is uneven abnormal wear. Generally, if the vehicle tires are subject to abnormal wear, it will greatly reduce the life of the tires and affect the driving safety of the vehicle. Just saying is not enough.  Next, Hanksugi will teach you how to treat the symptoms.

Symptom 1: Rail-shaped wear of electric vehicle

Characteristics: The car tyres groove edge is worn circumferentially, sometimes spreading only in part of the tire surface to other areas. 

Cause: The main reason is insufficient tire pressure, or narrow tire treads and wide wheels.  The wear of tires is mainly borne by both sides of the tread. 

Solution: check whether the tire pressure is too low, add it in time, correct the wheel position to the correct distance, and change the position if necessary.

Symptom 2: heel and toe wear damage

Characteristics: The tire tread pattern shows a regular high-low type wear pattern. 

Cause: The main reason is that the tire pressure is insufficient for a long time, or the tire tread is too narrow and the wheel is too wide.  The wear of the tire is mainly borne by both sides of the tread. 

Solution: check whether the tire pressure is too low, and correct the wheel position to the correct distance.

Symptom 3: feather wear

Features: The tread pattern is full circumference or single-sided straight pattern, and the fine pattern ends in a feathered wear pattern. 

Cause: frequent rough braking, aggressive starting, reduced suspension performance, and wheel alignment deviation. 

Solution: Balance the priorities, adjust the suspension properly, and perform wheel alignment.

Symptom 4: center wear damage

Characteristics: Compared to the shoulder pattern, the central pattern of the tread is excessively worn in the circumferential direction. 

Cause: The automobile tirespressure is too high, the load is light, or the hub width is incorrect. 

Solution: check the tire pressure and the actual load of each axle of the vehicle, verify the pressure gauge, and choose the correct size of tire

Symptom 5: Slope-shaped wear damage

Characteristics: The tread surface is worn in a smooth slope shape, usually especially on the shoulder edge. 

Cause: The wheel inclination is too large, the vehicle is overloaded, or the tire pressure is insufficient due to the vehicle or the road camber. 

Solution: Correct bad driving habits, adjust load and wheel inclination, supplement tire pressure, and if necessary, turn the tire or change its position.

Symptom 6: wear damage of both shoulder side

Features: The shoulder pattern is smooth and excessively worn, and the tread surface presents a circular section. 

Cause: typical insufficient air pressure or high load. 

Solution: Adjust the tire pressure according to the maximum load, check whether the tire is leaking, and choose the road surface for the vehicle to drive on.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to solve tire wear.  We should analyze the specific situation and prescribe the right medicine.  We can also use a combination of several methods to maximize the contact area between the wheel and the ground, which will naturally minimize the wear on the outer edge of the tire!

At the same time, the condition of the tire is mostly related to the air pressure. Whether it is worn or not depends entirely on the air pressure! Tire people must make efforts to check the tire pressure, which will solve many problems. 

 Tyres are the feet of vehicles, and it is inevitable that they will be damaged when they come into contact with rough roads.  Once there are problems with tyres, drivers have to invest costs and time to solve them, which also delays their operation time. Have you ever aspired to become a trusted tire master for drivers, or a reliable tire repair expert?  Now it's your turn to speak up and leave a message about your knowledge of tire wear and solutions.

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HANKSUGI JAPAN was founded and registered in Japan in 2002 with our parent plant in China, which is one of top tyre manufacturers in the world. Hanksugi tyres are designed in Japan by our experienced Japanese engineers team, to ensure Hanksugi tyres with better grip, lower rolling resistance, better wearing resistance, longer mileage and other outstanding performance, offering our customers the highest quality products and cost performance. Hanksugi also produce high quality steel wheels, aluminum wheels, we can assemble tyres and wheels as customer requirement, offering a great advantage to our customers in freight cost. Our products have passed the following test and certifications: REACH,ECE, SOUND AND LABELLING(EUROPE); DOT AND SMARTWAY(USA); NOM(MEXICO); LATU(URUGUAY), INEN(ECUADOR); SENCAMER(VENEZUELA); GCC(MIDDLE EAST); ISO9001; ISO14001; TS16949.

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