Car Tires Care Guide: How to Extend the Lifespan

March 05, 2024

Car Tires are mainly composed of treads, sidewalls, beads, carcass and inner tubes. Each part has its specific functions and requirements. The performance and life of automobile tires are affected by many factors, such as air pressure, wear, balance, load, speed, temperature, road conditions, etc.


Tires are the "feet" of a car, and their performance and condition directly affect the driving safety and comfort of the car. Therefore, daily maintenance of car tires is very necessary. It can not only improve the efficiency and life of the tires, but also save fuel consumption, reduce pollution, and ensure driving safety.


So, how to perform daily maintenance on tires?

1. Check and adjust car tire pressure.

Tire pressure is one of the most important factors affecting tire performance. Too high/low pressure will lead to accelerated tire wear, increased fuel consumption, and even dangerous situations such as bursting or air leakage.

Check the tire pressure regularly and adjust it according to the standard value marked in the car manual or on the tire sidewall. The best time to check and adjust air pressure is when the tires are cool

2. Check and adjust tire wear regularly.

Car Tires wear refers to the loss of material on the tire tread due to friction, which affects the tire's grip, drainage performance, noise, etc. When checking for wear, you should pay attention to whether the tires have uneven wear, cuts, cracks, bulges and other abnormal phenomena, and measure whether the tire tread depth reaches or falls below 1.6 mm (i.e., the wear indicator mark). If the above problems are found, the tires should be replaced or repaired in time.

3. Check and adjust tire balance regularly.

Tire balance refers to whether the weight of each part of the tire is evenly distributed when it rotates. If it is not balanced, it will cause the car to vibrate, yaw, deflect and other phenomena while driving, affecting driving stability and comfort. Generally, the tire balance should be checked and adjusted every 10,000 kilometers or so, and a balance test should be performed after each tire replacement or repair.

4. Select and replace tires correctly.

The selection and replacement of tires should be based on the car model, purpose, driving conditions and other factors. Different tires have different specifications, performance, application range, etc. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate tires according to the car manual or the advice of a professional and replace them when necessary.

5. Prevent common problems such as tire bursts, air leaks, and slipping.
Car Hanksugi Tire  

Avoid violent operations such as sudden braking, sharp turns, and sudden acceleration while driving at high speeds to avoid overheating or overloading the Car Tires | Automotive Tires and causing them to burst.

Avoid driving on uneven roads or places with sharp objects to avoid scratching or puncturing the tires and causing air leakage.

Avoid driving in rainy and snowy days or on roads with slippery substances such as mud, sand, oil, etc., to avoid causing the tires to lose grip and slip.

If a burst or air leak occurs, you should immediately slow down and stabilize the steering wheel, pull over as soon as possible, and replace the spare tire or seek rescue.

If skidding occurs, you should immediately release the accelerator and brake slowly, try to keep the steering wheel still, and adjust the speed and direction according to the road conditions.


Hanksugi was established and registered in Japan in 2002. Its parent factory is located in China. It is one of the world's top tire manufacturers.

Hanksugi tires are designed by a team of experienced Japanese engineers to ensure that car tires have better grip, lower rolling resistance, better wear resistance, longer driving mileage and other excellent properties, providing customers with the most cost-effective products .

Hanksugi tire products include: high-quality steel wheels, aluminum wheels, we can assemble tires and hubs according to customer requirements

Well, I will share it here today, I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading!

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